Thursday, September 29, 2011

Common Input-Output Mistakes and Concepts in C

1.       printf(“sanjay”+2);   //prints njay only.
2.       Always use fflush(stdin) after any scanf statement.
3.       Always use & operator in scanf statement.
4.       We cannot use %d for inputting values other than int in scanf(for eg. long, float).
5.       Global variables initialize to 0, local to some garbage value. Global ‘char’ also initializes to 0.
6.       int/int is int. float/int is float. Int/float is float. (‘/’ represents division operator).
7.       scanf(“%c%c”,&ch1,&ch2);    //keyboard input must be ‘AB’ and not ‘A B’.
scanf(“%c %c”,&ch1,&ch2);  //keyboard input must be ‘A B’.
scanf(“%c/%c”,&ch1,&ch2);  //keyboard input must be ‘A/B’.
8.       printf returns the no. of bytes printed by it.
9.       scanf returns the no. of variables passed to it.
10.   sprintf(str, “%d %d”,x,y); // where str is a string.
sprintf does not prints on screen like printf, but it stores the formatted output in str.
Similarly sscanf takes the formatted input from str rather than from the keyboard.

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